In-Context Format

Studying the Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson directly from the Bible and Science and Health can be extremely valuable. It allows you to investigate ideas more fully by reading the text that surrounds the passages that comprise the Lesson itself.

The In-Context Format of the Bible Lesson makes it possible to read the Lesson and surrounding text on your computer or tablet. When you’re logged in at, click the Read In-Context button. You can then click on the various Lesson citations or use the previous/next buttons to read the citations from electronic editions of the Bible and Science and Health. Each passage is highlighted showing what verses or lines are in the Lesson, but the entire Bible and Science and Health chapter is in the window as well. And because you’re using your computer, you can use other computer applications to make notes, send favorite passages to friends via email, and so on.

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Full-Text Online Format

The Full-Text Online Format is what you see when you first log in to eBibleLesson. You can read online or listen to the online audio stream. An internet connection is required. This format allows you to enlarge the font size onscreen and print at any size you select. This format is great for quick, on-the-go access if you haven't downloaded your preferred format yet. 

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PDF Format (download)

If you are looking for a handy, Full-Text printout, the PDF Format is for you. Download the PDF and print. Or you can read the PDF on your computer, tablet, eReader, or smartphone. If you choose to read it on a small device, then you may need to zoom in to be able to read at a legible size. Some PDF software programs allow you to make highlights and notes in the PDF and even let you print these annotations out.

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eBook Format (download)
(ePub for iBooks & mobi for Kindle)

You can read the Lesson virtually anywhere with the eBook Format on your smartphone, tablet, or eReader. The eBook Format contains the Full-Text of the Lesson that can be read offline, and also includes citation links that require internet to access Concord Express.

You have two eBook Format options:

  • The ePub Format can be viewed via most eReader apps, the most common being iBooks for Apple devices. Download Sample ePub file
  • The mobi Format is designed specifically for Kindle devices or the free Kindle app (available on Apple and Android devices). Download Sample mobi file

Depending on your software and device, you can highlight passages, make notes, insert bookmarks, search, get dictionary definitions, copy a passage to paste in another document, and so on. (Software with other advanced features is available from some companies, although it generally is not free.) You also can read the ePub format on your computer; again, free software downloads are available.

If you download the a sample ePub or mobi file, you’ll see that they look a little different from a print publication because the eBook is designed to be compatible with a wide variety of eReader devices and applications. The text in eBook is "free-flowing," meaning that the number of words per line changes as the type size or device orientation changes, causing the text to flow freely. Because of this, there is no way to include the line numbers found in Science and Health without interfering with the readability of the text (the eBook does include citation lines as they appear in print editions of the Quarterly, however). The exact position of marginal heads from Science and Health also can change, although they always appear at the beginning of a paragraph rather than further down, as is generally the case in Science and Health.

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MP3 Audio Format (download)

Sometimes it’s more convenient to listen to the Lesson than to read it. And sometimes hearing the Lesson read opens up new and valuable insights. Download the MP3 Audio Format onto your smartphone, computer, or other MP3 player and listen to the Lesson anywhere—while commuting, while walking or running, or even while sitting in your favorite chair.

Bible Lessons in the MP3 Audio Format often are followed by a hymn or other inspirational music. Learn more about music included with current Bible Lessons

MP3s of individual Bible Lessons also are available for individual purchase in the download store.

Readers for the audio Bible Lesson

We have a number of wonderful readers that you will hear on the audio editions of the Bible Lesson, and we’re grateful for the special qualities and spiritual understanding that they bring to every recording session! Each is a member of The Mother Church who lives in the Boston area. Occasionally you may hear new voices, but we will keep this list up to date as our reading teams change. Here are the current readers:

  • Joan Andrews
  • Holly Bolon
  • Gary Bottje
  • Mary Gottschalk
  • Margit Hammerstrom
  • Christian Harder
  • Linda Kohler
  • Schuyler Sackett

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